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Bo'ness, Scotland,

United Kingdom


Gray's School of Art

2011 - 2016 

BA Product Design (Hons) 

Aberdeen College 

2010 - 2011 

HND Art and Design 


• Woodwork

• Metalwork

• New technologies

• Mould and model making

• Electronics and software

• Drawing and visualisation

• Research methods

• Presentation techniques


• Adobe Photoshop 

• Adobe Illustrator 

• Arduino

• Cycling ’74 Max 

• Rhinoceros 3D

• Cinema 4D 

• Ableton Live 

• Macromedia Flash 


I am a creative, inquisitive person who's fascinated by the ways design can impact our lifestyles while questioning our current habits and beliefs. My product design work takes an investigative, empathetic approach with a strong focus on primary research as well as a deep exploration into the underlying psychology of the user. This foundational knowledge defines the vital factors of the project, which allows for a playful approach in designing the interactive and aesthetic elemnents. I believe getting user feedback when prototyping is key, as this incorporates them into the design process and defines what will need changed or improved upon to ensure the final product doesn't just meet the expectations of the brief, but exceeds them.

My creative design work looks to open up philosophical themes to a wider audience, through utilisation of unusual materials and shapes justified by their semiotic implication to us. I'm fascinated by the issues of existence, identity and meaning, and these permeate this type of work through both it's form and message. The final aesthetic is decided upon by investigating material properties that can make the ephemeral tangible, as well as the utilisation of shapes and objects that both support and question the connotations they can have to us.

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